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Sunday, 03 January 2010 20:31




Worship Saturday 5:30 PM; Sunday 9:30 AM

Fellowship Time 10:30 AM;

Sunday School for All Ages 10:45 AM

December 2 and 3: Give it Up, Lucy!
1st Weekend in Advent Holy Communion Mark 1: 1-5
December 9 and 10: Snoopy, Be Content!
2nd Weekend in Advent 1 Thessalonians 5: 16-24
December 16 and 17: Children’s Christmas Musical
3rd Weekend in Advent
Breakfast in Bethlehem following worship on Sunday.
Bring a breakfast casserole or dish to share. No Sunday School.
December 21: Blue Christmas:
A Service of Remembrance and Hope
Thursday, 6:00 PM
December 23 (5:30 PM) and 24 (9:30 AM): Sally, True Peace
4th Weekend in Advent Luke 1: 26-38
December 24: Christmas Eve: The Tree
Luke 2: 1-20
7:00 PM Family Worship with Candlelighting
10:00 PM Traditional Worship with Communion and Candlelighting
December 30 and 31: A Rocky Start
Matthew 2: 1-12

New Worship Series: Three Simple Rules

                          What do we need to do to faithfully follow Jesus was the 
                      question asked by many people who followed the teaching of 
                      John Wesley in the 1700s. Wesley tried to keep things simple 
                          so he gave the people 3 General Rules. If someone really 
                        wanted their lives to be changed by the power and grace of 
                       God and if they in turn wanted to change the world then they 
                                                    were to follow these 3 rules:
                                      • Do no harm
                                      • Do good
                                      • Stay in love with God

May 19 and 20:           
                                    Acts 2
                                    Pentecost Weekend/Confirmation  
                                    Day by Day Peter preached a sermon 
                                    that touched the hearts of about 3,000 
                                    people and the Holy Spirit moved in 
                                    them to give their lives to Jesus but 
                                    they weren’t instantly educated on all 
                                    that following Jesus meant and they 
                                    weren’t instantly made perfect in love 
                                    and faith – just like those who will be 
                                    confirmed this day, they were just 
                         beginning a journey. 
May 26 and 27:           
                         Exodus 15: and 16 (selected verses); 
                         Acts 2: 1-4:  
                         To Be Reminded   
                         Every day it seems that we forget more 
                         and more. Names, dates, appointments, 
                         grocery lists… it gets frustrating at 
                         times. Just as Memorial Day was created 
                         to remind us of those who have served 
                         our nation, the Holy Spirit was given to 
                         remind us of God’s presence and power and 
                         purpose in our lives.  

Because God loves us…

Our mission is to put God first in our lives so that we can share His love with all others through Jesus Christ.

Our Vision is to empower those who understand God’s message to also proclaim the Gospel so that we might grow as a Church community.

From our location in Shavertown, Pennsylvania, we strive to share the light of Our Lord Jesus Christ. It is our belief that the foundation for this ministry comes from the Holy Bible which is the Living Word of God. We believe that the Holy Spirit will guide us as we strive to do God’s will.

Our goal is to create a place where worship and fellowship are dynamic. That is, a place where faith is always challenged; ever changing, constantly growing and striving to increase in its love and knowledge of Our Lord and His teachings. Most of all, a place dedicated to serving Him.






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